Automotive Service At Your Fingertips

Innovative web and mobile-based app for the automotive service and repair marketplace.

Real-time quotes

Technology that provides a real-time quoting system.

Find shops instantly or find shops near you

When car troubles arise, you want immediate assistance. With just a click, you can locate the right auto repair shop. No need to search on the internet or ask a friend, it’s a fingertip away with CAKNOW.

Quality assurance

CAKNOW delivers the best automotive shops for your repair needs. We assure each shop meets our rigorous standards. Book with confidence.

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How CAKNOW Works

Request auto services through the app, finding auto services has never been easier

We'll use your vehicle's information for service requests, so that auto shops can give you a more accurate quote. Our app will guide you to getting the best deal for your vehicle repair or service.

Request auto service through the app, finding auto service has never been easier

From oil changes to check engine lights, any vehicle repair or maintenance service can be resolved. When you request a service through the app, auto shops around you instantaneously see your request and will give you a quote.

Accept a quote and schedule your service, choose a shop on your terms

Once you've gotten a quote you like, accept the quote and get your vehicle serviced. Our shops are reviewed by other users, so you are sure to get the best price and quality for your auto service.



"I used to procrastinate to get my car serviced because of the long process it took. CAKNOW has made the process so much easier and my car is serviced regularly now."

August 2016


"I like that it gives me real reviews from real customers on the app. I've learned not to trust all the purchased reviews on other sites anymore."

September 2016


"The app has made the service easy for me. Basically all I did was drop off the car then picked it up when it was done."

June 2016